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´Mom and Other Loonies in the Family´
1 Family, 92 Years on the Move

{ cinéma }
mar. 25   [ 19:00 ]  
     Salle Robert Krieps

Tickets: 9,50 euros ;

Billetterie :
Tél.: +352 26 20 52 444

Info :

EN: The Hungarian comedy is the story of an odd family throughout the 20th century. Mum in the focus, who is 92 years old and moved 27 times in her life. Moving was her only means of dealing with trouble, danger or conflicts. In fact, it was History that chased her on, all over the country and throughout the horrible century. At the demented age of 92, Mum tells the story of these events to her daughter, nearly 100 years of often mischievous and heart-warming but also sometimes painful episodes.

Original version, English subtitle

All your contribution will go to the charities of the International Bazaar of Luxembourg.

Snack, drink and discussion after the projection.

Organisation: Hungarian stand at the International Bazaar of Luxembourg

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Lucien Wercollier
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