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Un spectacle de danse contemporaine

{ danse }
     Salle Robert Krieps

Tickets: 35 euros ;

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Free seating
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Tel : +352 / 691 204 999

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EN: Encounters... In our lifetime, we meet thousands of people. Sometimes they affect our lives - be it briefly and superficially, or deeply and profoundly. With some, we form a soulful connection. Others pass us by, and we barely notice. Some leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same again. Our lives get tangled with the lives of the people around us, our energies blend and come apart again. Yet, we often miss the most important thing - encountering ourselves honestly and openly. This dance show allows for an encounter of dancers and guest-choreographers from Luxembourg and Belgium with dancers from a dance company in Brasil.

Organisation / Collaboration: Moa Dance Asbl

Direction: Moa Nunes
Choregraphes: Moa Nunes, Fernando Lima, Giovanni Zazzera & Christel Renard

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