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The Pat McManus Band
Celtic Blues/Rock

{ concert }
mar. 16   [ 20:00 ]  

Tickets: 15 euros ; Kulturpass: 1,50 euros

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Tél.: +352 / 26 20 52 985 Brasserie Wenzel
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En: Pat was born and raised in a small town in Ireland, in a very musical family. He and his two brothers initially played traditional Irish instruments, before making the crossover to the electric guitar and Rock. They formed the group Mamas Boys and had a hit single with ´Needle In The Groove´, before touring all over the world. During that time, Pat acquired his nickname, ´The Professor´, because of his mastery of many instruments.

Pat has also done session work for a wide range of artists, including guitar on Samantha Fox's ´Touch Me´! Influenced by Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore and Rory Gallagher, the Pat McManus Band have developed their own Blues-Rock style, with a very distinct Celtic flavour, becoming the recording and touring machine that it is today.

Organisation: Jimmy Osborne / Collaboration: Brasserie Wenzel / Soutien: neimënster

Crédit photographique: Keery Irvine

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