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Ben Poole Band
British Blues

{ concert }
mer. 6.3   [ 20:00 ]  

Tickets: 15 euros ; Kulturpass: 1,50 euros

Billetterie :
Tél: +352 / 26 20 52 981 (Brasserie)

Info : Web:

Ben first played at the Brasserie as a member of Dani Wilde's band. Having struck out on his own, Ben has since honed his craft, passing through a slightly heavier phase, before finding a more melodic & funky take on the Blues and producing his excellent debut CD ´Let's Go Upstairs´. During this journey, he met and impressed many established artists, including Jeff Beck and the late Gary Moore.

Ben now takes centre stage, fronting a band of top quality musicians, touring all over Europe, including an appearance at the London Blues Festival held in the Royal Albert Hall. Ben has just released his fourth CD Anytime You Need Me, to great critical acclaim.

Organisation: Jimmy Osborne / Collaboration: Brasserie Wenzel / Soutien: neimënster

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