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Pol Belardi's Urban 5 feat. Claire Parsons
Apéro Jazz

{ concert }
dim. 14.7.19   [ 11:00 ]  

Billetterie :
Entrée libre (dans la limite des places disponibles)

Info :

EN: Pol Belardi is a musician with many faces. With the profound desire not to be limited neither to a style nor to a specific instrument, he feels the need to reinvent himself over and over again. Pol Belardi's Urban 5 represents his take on a groove-driven, exciting blend between jazz, soul, hip-hop and electronic music. Drawng inspiration from Jazz giants such as J Dilla, Stevie Wonder or Hiatus Kaiyote, Urban 5 make you move your hips or nod your head to a colorful set of fresh, thriving original compositions, lyrical melodies and clever lyrics, topped up with the colorful, yet sensitive and honest voice of singer Claire Parsons. Together they succeed in creating a language of their own and showcase yet another of Pol's many creative takes on modern music.

Organisation: neimënster / Soutien: Brasserie Wenzel

Pol Belardi:  g. b.
Claire Parsons, vocals
Jérôme Klien : synth. dr.
Pit Dahm, dr. snyth.
Eran Har Even - g

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