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Swing the Abbey
2nd edition

{ Journée à thème }
ven. 20.9 - 22.9   [ 17:00 ]  
     Espaces Nic Klecker

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Info : 20, 21 & 22.09

For the second edition of the Swing the Abbey festival the program will be bigger and better, for seasoned dancers as well as brave beginners, with three tracks of Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz for you to choose from. Apart from those, there will be three tracks for Collegiate Shag. Prepare yourself to learn something new in every track, no matter your dancing skills. To find out which one is for you simply visit, where you'll also find the timetables, different options and passes as well as the registration form. Evening parties will offer live music from the Magic Jazz Band and the Hop Sh'Bam Connection including several swing dance shows.

Organisation: Swing Dance Luxembourg / Collaboration: neimënster &  Brasserie Wenzel

Party with Magic Jazz Band and the Hop Sh'Bam Connection
Duke box on Concert on Sunday night at the Brasserie Wenzel.

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