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Bartleby Delicate
Lëtz' play

{ concert }
ven. 28.8   [ 18:30 ]  

Billetterie :
Entrée libre, dans la limite des places disponibles Réservation obligatoire: Email: Tel: +352 26 20 52 444

Info : Placement en fonction de votre ordre d'arrivée Web:

EN: Getting an invitation to play one of your first shows ever as opener for Rodrigo y Gabriela or having musician Tom Rosenthal listening to your music in his playlist of hidden gems is only part of Bartleby Delicate's story.

Starting as a singer-songwriter venture, it has quickly developed into a unique sound laboratory of loops and samples, a feigned band led by the Luxembourg solo artist.

Georges Goerens, the nineties boy behind the project, mixes his own cocktail of philosophical phrases, finger picking, and electronics, coinciding with what has been described by listeners as magical music.

Organisation: neimënster

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Lucien Wercollier
Exposition permanente