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a musical journey for children

{ Scène }
     Salle José Ensch

Tickets: 12 euros ; réduit: 6 euros ; Kulturpass: 1,50 euros

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Tel: +352 262052 1 Mail: (Informations)

Info : Sans paroles 120 minutes avec entracte de 30 minutes

Babelut Parcours is a musical journey for children aged 0 to 5 and their parents and grandparents. International artists and musicians take the audience with them on a sensitive experience packed with musical theatre, sound installations and musical interaction.

In Babelut Parcours ZIMZUM, small children imagine themselves to be big and big people imagine themselves to be small. Through folding and stretching, everything is thrown out of proportion.

Together with musical ensemble Down The Rabbit Hole, dramaturge Koen Haagdorens, composer Frédéric Verrières and theatre maker Tina Heylen are developing a brand new musical experience as a successor to IGLO and GOLD: Babelut Parcours ZIMZUM, in which we zoom in and out both auditorily and visually, from impressive to intimate and back again.

During the performance, the scenography transforms constantly. Move from a large room filled with loud electronics to a small room with intimate melody, and back again. The visual and musical play of the artists stimulates all your senses. In addition, it stimulates the little ones to explore on their own and actively participate in Babelut Parcours ZIMZUM.

Organisation: neimënster - ZIMZUM is a co-production between Musica, C-TAKT, ensemble Down The Rabbit Hole, dramatist Koen Haagdorens, Frédéric Verrières and Tina Heylen.

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Lucien Wercollier
Exposition permanente