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CinEast - As far as possible
CinEast 2021

{ cinéma }
ven. 15   [ 18:30 ]  
     Salle Robert Krieps

Billetterie :
Billets et pass hybrid en vente sur:   Web:   Tarifs: 7 EUR - ticket / 30 EUR - hybrid pass

Info : Ukraine 2021 documentary, 71 min,  en subtitles directed by Ganna Iaroshevych written by Ganna Iaroshevych  In the presence of the director Web:

EN: Coming from a big German city, Michel wants to settle down in a remote Ukrainian village in the Carpathian mountains and take care of rare, endangered animals - water buffalo. Reverse migrating, this 30-something-year-old is consciously choosing 'the simple life' and has decided all he wants is live as far as possible from civilisation.

Awards:Slovenian FF Portoroz 2020 (Best Feature Film, Best Actor - Primoz Bezjak, Best Editing, Best Documentary Film)

Organisation: CinEast/ En collaboration avec neimënster

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Lucien Wercollier
Exposition permanente