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Science Slam
The enjoyable way to look at research

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ven. 30.9   [ 15:00 ]  
     Salle Robert Krieps

Tickets: 5 euros ;

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Tel: +352/ 26 20 52 444, Email: (Informations)

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Luxembourg's Science Slam is back! It's THE possibility to spend an entertaining evening while at the same time learning something. Six scientists have 10 minutes each to win the heart of the audience. Because the latter - so hopefully YOU - gets to vote the winner of the evening. Science and research is the core of all the performances. Check out what Luxembourg's researchers have to offer! Our special guest is Mr. Science.

Organisation: LuxDoc (Luxembourg's Young Researchers Association), DESCOM ( / Support: Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), Ministry of Culture, LIH, LIST and Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research

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Lucien Wercollier
Exposition permanente